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Research & Publications


A core philosophy of AquaTouch is to improve on standard methodologies and husbandry practices in the ornamental aquatics trade. 


As an industry leader in marine ornamentals, AquaTouch continues to contribute to the broad base of growing knowledge in aquatic husbandry. When possible, we share our work in publications, lectures, and communications with colleagues.

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Our laboratory facilities provide support for a number of different projects. Many of these projects are part of the day to day operation at AquaTouch while others can be species identification, research or collaborations with colleagues.  Our extensive laboratory equipment inventory includes compound and dissecting microscopes, an inverted biological microscope, paraffin embedding and histological sectioning tools, microscope slide staining equipment, and other laboratory hardware.



Our laboratory facilities allow us to examine corals for taxonomic identification to the species level in many cases. We have also studied the cellular composition of corals, their digestive contents, and reproductive components such as gonads. Staff research has resulted in collaborative work with many institutions including the

Staff continue to contribute and have many future projects in development. . As results are published this page will be updated.



Staff regularly conduct cell counts of phytoplankton foods, zooplankton products, and organism counts in cultured and wild live sands to maintain consistency. 

Field Work


Examples of our field work includes coral surveys in the Red Sea, Indonesia, and Palau, octocoral collection in the Andaman Sea, coral spawning in the Gulf of Mexico and a crown-of-thorns survey in Thailand.


Contributions by AquaTouch staff members

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