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AquaTouch offers a monthly newsletter available via email. It is designed to keep our customers informed of new products, website updates, special events, sales, new livestock, and tips. Occasionally, the monthly newsletter is supplemented with brief email notes and photos of new corals, fish, or plants.

All email address are kept confidential and only used as an information tool for our customers.

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At AquaTouch we consider education to be a very important part of maintaining a successful marine aquarium. Below are some examples of items that we have included in our newsletters over the years. It is our hope that this information will help you be a successful hobbyist and avoid learning things the hard way. Through education and sharing information we will avoid the frustration of losing animals and spending money on unneeded equipment.

This is our news letter, it contains information about fish and invertebrates as well as tips for maintaining your aquarium.


AquaTouch's recommendations for live stock acclimation.


Look here for information on lighting a reef tank, when to change out your lamps, or trouble shooting lighting problems.


This article contains important information about Mycobacterium marinum. This a bacterium which can cause a disease in humans commonly known as Fish Tank Granuloma.


This is a link to Web Site with information on First Aid and Medical treatment for stings and injuries from marine animals.


This is a full set of instructions for building your own surge bucket.  If you are a Do It Your self kind of person and have a reef tank, take a look at these plans.

  • Algae

    Information on identification and control of some problem algae.

  • Lighting

    An article to help navigate the many choices of aquarium lighting technology and their application.

  • Refugiums

    A how-to guide for introducing a micro-habitat on your reef tank. Also includes information on what they are and how they work.

  • Testing

    Aquarium water chemistry fundamentals. Covers what to test for and why.

  • Saltwater Success

    A guide to creating a successful marine aquarium.



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