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 ADA Pro Razor mini now available for nano tanks.

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International Plant Contest


Popular PLANTS

Staurogyne sp.

Ammania gracilis AquaTouch
Ammania gracilis

AquaTouch Riccia
Riccia on Stone

AquaTouch Madagascar Lace
Madagascar Lace

AquaTouch plants
Mini pellia

AquaTouch plants
Notocyphus lutescens

AquaTouch plants
Fissidens geppii

AquaTouch plants
Taiwan Aquatic Fern

AquaTouch plants
Mini rose moss

AquaTouch plants
Rose moss



AquaTouch freshwater fish
White cloud minnow

AquaTouch freshwater fish
Electric blue ram

AquaTouch freshwater fish
Albino Pristella Tetra

AquaTouch freshwater fish
Endler's livebearer (M)

AquaTouch freshwater fish
Dwarf Kribensis


Nature Aquarium

AquaTouch Plant Tank

AquaTouch Nature Aquarium

AquaTouch Nature Aquarium

AquaTouch Nature Aquarium

AquaTouch Nature Aquarium

AquaTouch Nature Aquarium

AquaTouch Nature Aquarium


Nature Aquariums

AquaTouch Phoenix Arizona  AquaTouch plant aquariums

Our Freshwater Plant Section contains over
1000 gallons of Tanks! A great selection of hard to find plants, shrimp & fish.

      AquaTouch plants


Our Asian style freshwater planted aquariums create a diverse ecosystem with an emphasis on tropical aquatic plants. Much of the equipment we use for them is designed to maximize efficiency while including an element of style. AquaTouch stocks a full line of supplies for Fresh Water Planted systems. We are also available for custom layout consultations and system installations. 

  AquaTouch Freshwater plants

ADA Power Sand Blend

An economical way to use the ADA substrate system

AquaTouch now offers a combination of ADA Power Sand with the powdered additives already mixed in. This saves the hobbyist the added cost of buying the powders separately. Our ADA Power Sand Blend goes directly on the bottom of the tank followed by your favorite ADA Soil. It’s that easy!Large Graphic

ADA Power Sand Blend is a combination of ADA Power Sand S, Bacter 100, Tourmaline BC, Clear Super, Penac P, and Penac W in a balanced ratio based on ADA recommendations for use.

One portion of ADA Power Sand Blend is suitable for the ADA Mini S (3.5 gallon / 13 ltr.) to ADA Mini L (8.5 gallon / 32 ltr.) size tanks; approximately 14 in2 or 90 cm2 per bag. Multiple portions would be used for larger sized aquariums.

Get all the advantages of the most advanced and internationally proven substrate system for your planted aquarium at a lower cost than purchasing each item separately."

 AquaTouch Plant Tank 

Fresh Water Plant Links

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Step-by-Step Guide to ADA style Planted Tanks

AGA Convention 2006 San Francisco


Check out our retail store for new arrivals of fish, plants and imported dry goods.


Dwarf Indian Puffer

Dwarf Indian Puffer  Dwarf Indian Puffer

These are a passive freshwater species that do well in
freshwater planted tanks. Maximum adult size is 1.5 cm.



In Stock:

Leaf Aquarium Products

Leaf Aquatics 

Easy to use Asian style liquid additives and plant tabs

Click Here for more information


Largest Selection in Arizona & the Southwest!
Great Low Prices!!!

ADA AquaTouch

    ADA AquaTouch 


Here's what hobbyists and professionals are saying
about the Freshwater section at AquaTouch:


"I called ahead to try and locate a fish I had no luck in finding at other fish stores. They had the fish I wanted, and when I went in to the store I was amazed. This is by far the nicest fish store in the valley. The store is spotless, All the tanks are well planted and very clean. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly, a real pleasure to deal with. I will definitely be a permanent customer of theirs" --Retep via the Internet.

"...While I have your attention, I discovered a LFS here that has absolutely taken my breath away. I had not considered going into "planted" tanks yet, but a visit to this place has me reconsidering that decision. Going into this store is like visiting a public aquarium. They have dozens of absolutely stunning tanks on display. I don't mean to advertise for them, but I would bet that there are very few LFS in the US that are on this level. Research lab, necropsy, surgery and more. Just amazing. Please forgive me for offering a link to their website (I am not affiliated with them). Anyone in the Phoenix area should not miss this place! ...wow, I wish I had a fish store like that nearby! ...That looks like an awesome LFS - I think it's on par with some UK ones... and it's great to have a good LFS near you." --Desertrefugee at FishLore.com via the Internet.

"What a wonderful store you have! I was actually driving to somewhere completely else and I saw your store from the road. We had plenty of time so my boyfriend and I stopped in to take a look. Well number one, I absolutely LOVE the Amano display you have in your freshwater section. I also had the opportunity to chat with your employees about some algae problems I was having with my own planted tank. They gave me the most rational advice on how to take care of it! I'd just like to say you have a wonderful, friendly staff and beautiful animals. Please keep up the good work!"-- Katie. Phoenix, Arizona.

"What a nice display in a shop! The tank is clean and bright, but would benefit from some pretty stem plants growing up behind your central wood and moss. While it looks like you have attempted some foreground planting, you need to give these plants some time to grow in." -- Karen Randall. Author, 2005 Aquatic Gardeners Association Contest Judge.

"Excellent low maintenance aquarium. No doubt the customers are impressed with the display. This tank's best quality is the open space for the fish to swim about. The aquarist looks to have taken the fish into account as well as the plants which is especially important with discus. The foreground and background needs to fill in a lot. It looks like they were recently thinned/trimmed or planted. Make sure to leave some open room for the discus to peck food on the substrate. The stand of crypts in the front could be moved back some from the glass to keep them from crowding the front of the tank..." -- Phil Edwards. 2005 Aquatic Gardeners Association Contest Judge



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